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Easy registration of BVI company

BVI companies enjoy a special status of zero tax rate, that is, they do not need to pay corporate income tax, capital gains tax, interest tax, dividend tax, etc. This makes BVI companies an ideal choice for international business and investment.
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Advantages of registering a company in BVI

Tax advantages
BVI companies enjoy a special status of zero tax rate, that is, they do not need to pay corporate income tax, capital gains tax, interest tax, dividend tax, etc. This makes BVI companies an ideal choice for international business and investment.
Privacy Protection
BVI law protects the privacy of company shareholders and directors and does not disclose their identity information. In addition, the registration information of BVI companies will not be disclosed publicly, ensuring a high degree of commercial confidentiality.
Flexibility and Simplicity
Registering and managing a BVI company is relatively simple, with no cumbersome regulatory requirements and administrative procedures. Companies can flexibly choose their corporate structure, shareholder and director qualifications, etc.
International recognition
BVI companies enjoy a good international reputation and wide recognition. This makes BVI companies more trusted and accepted worldwide, which is conducive to conducting international business.
No foreign exchange controls
BVI companies can be used for asset protection and wealth management; and BVI has no foreign exchange control policy, and the free flow of funds makes international trade and investment more convenient.
BVI companies can be used for a variety of purposes, such as international trade, investment, asset management, cross-border financing, etc., with a wide range of applications. The legal system is sound, the rule of law environment is stable, and the legal system is mature.

Process of registering a BVI company

Consultation and Suggestions
We will first provide consultation to understand the relevant situation to determine your business license registration requirements, company type and name.
Application form
Prepare the documents required to register a company, usually including the company's articles of association, list of shareholders, list of directors, etc. These documents may require notarization and certification.
Waiting for approval
Once the application is submitted and the fee is paid, it is usually necessary to wait for several working days or longer for the registration agency to approve the registration application.
Receive registration certificate
Once the registration application is approved, you will receive a Cayman company registration certificate, indicating that you have successfully registered a company.

Documents required to register a Cayman company

Basic information required for registration
Company name in English (additional fee of 800 yuan for Chinese name);
1:1 color scan of ID card and passport of shareholders and directors; (if there are more than 3 directors and shareholders, additional fee of 500 yuan/person);
Registered capital of 50,000 US dollars (no need to pay in full) corresponding to the proportion of shares;
Name and years of service of the company and position of the shareholder and director;
Company's business scope, nature of business, estimated annual turnover and sales countries.
Partnership Registration
Registered as a natural person: certified identity and address proof of each partner and ultimate beneficiary (the information needs to be verified);
With a company as GP/LP (the following copies must be certified): company certificate, company articles, Certificate of Goodstanding (within 6 months) director list, shareholder list, passport/ID card audit report of all things, shareholders, ultimate beneficiaries, company structure chart;
Please refer to the following for KYC information: GP/LP's employment unit, position, years of service; limited partnership's business scope, estimated amount, and operating country. After the above information is complete, we will submit it for review (if necessary, we will notify the client to request more information).

You will receive these information after registration is completed

Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Stock Paper
Agent's Certificate
Official seal
Shareholder List
Application for Shares
Meeting Minutes
Appointment letter for the first director

IngStart provides BVI company tax filing services

Tax filing service
Specific tax requirements and procedures may vary depending on the laws and regulations of the BVI, so it is recommended that you first contact IngStart Consulting for personalized advice and services tailored to your company's specific circumstances.
Submit tax return
① Tax consulting and planning
IngStart can provide tax consulting and planning services for companies registered in BVI to help them minimize their tax burden and comply with local tax laws.
③ Compliance services
IngStart can assist BVI companies in complying with tax and financial regulations and legal requirements, including timely fulfillment of tax obligations and compliance with regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CFT).
② Tax filing and financial statements
IngStart assists BVI companies in preparing and filing tax returns, annual financial statements, annual income tax returns and other related documents. We will ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the returns and assist companies in paying taxes on time.
④ Tax audit support
IngStart will provide tax audit support to companies registered in the BVI, prepare the required documents and records, and assist in responding to requirements and issues during the tax audit process.

Provide local company annual review

Annual review is an annual qualification review that offshore companies must undergo in accordance with local laws. Only companies that pass the annual review will be recognized by the local government.
Certification of legal qualifications
Annual review on time can enhance the company's credibility in the local government and is the basis for the company's legal existence.
Avoid overdue fines
Companies that fail to conduct annual review will be fined according to the overdue time. Annual review on time can avoid this loss.

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Perfect service system
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Professional operation team
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