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Easy registration of Polish companies

Polish companies have many advantages, including superior geographical location, huge economic potential, favorable tax policies, high-quality labor, sound infrastructure, EU funding support, stable legal environment and simplified registration process. These advantages provide a good business environment and development opportunities for companies registered in Poland.
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Advantages of registering a company in Poland

Tax policy preferences
Poland offers a series of tax incentives, such as tax credits, exemptions and preferential policies, to attract foreign investment. Companies registered in Poland can enjoy these tax incentives and reduce operating costs.
Huge economic potential
Poland's economy is growing steadily and has huge market potential, especially the consumer market. This provides a broad market space and business opportunities for companies registered in Poland.
EU financial support
As a member of the European Union, Poland is entitled to EU funding support for corporate development and innovation. This provides companies with additional financial support and development momentum.
Superior location
Poland is located in the center of Europe, with convenient transportation. It is the gateway to the Eastern and Central European markets. Such a geographical location helps companies radiate the entire European continent and facilitate cross-border business.
High quality labor force
Poland has a well-educated workforce with a high level of English proficiency, which is easy to recruit and manage. This provides companies with stable and reliable human resource support.
Legal environment is stable
Poland has a stable legal system that protects intellectual property rights and investor rights. This provides companies with a good legal environment and investment protection.

Documents required to register a Polish company

Registration information
Includes: registration, personal number and personal file application, drafting of POA and registration materials to be submitted to the court, court submission fees, other municipal fees in Poland, lawyer document drafting fees, EORI+VAT application.
The company name ends with Sp. z o.o. (named ABCD, the full name of this company is ABCD Sp. z o.o.);
Registered capital (5,000 zlotys, not required. If the customer wants to register a capital higher than this amount, then his registered capital must be in place);
Notarized authorization letter (provided by us) and passport information page;
Fill in the form (provided by us), and send it back to me after completion;
We prepare the registration information, print it out according to the instructions, and ask the customer to sign.
Help the customer make an appointment with the nearby Polish embassy or consulate to confirm the personal file. The customer needs to bring his or her passport to verify in person.

Services related to Polish companies

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Collect vouchers and keep accounts
The company needs to collect all documents related to financial activities (including but not limited to invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc.). Based on the collected documents, the company needs to keep accounts in accordance with Polish accounting standards.
Preparation of financial statements
Based on the accounting, the company needs to prepare financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. These statements are not only used for tax declaration, but also an important reflection of the company's financial status.
Tax declaration
According to the financial statements and Polish tax laws, the company needs to calculate the tax payable and submit a tax return to the tax department on time. The tax return will list the company's income, expenses, pre-tax profit, tax payable and other information in detail.
Pay taxes
According to the requirements of the tax return, the company needs to pay the tax payable in a timely manner. Taxes can be paid through bank transfer, online payment and other methods.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
3200 euros
Provide registration address:
1400 euros
Processing cycle:7-10 working days.
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Company shareholder certificate
Board of Directors, Finance, Corporate Seal
stock capital
Meeting Minutes
Company registered address certificate
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