Refund Agreement

This refund agreement is a valid contract between IngStart Solution LLC and you regarding the refund of the purchase of IngStart Solution LLC software and services. You choose to accept this refund by stamping, clicking on the web page to confirm, or in other ways payment agreement, including but not limited to not clicking to confirm this refund agreement but actually purchasing and using IngStart Solution LLC services, it means that you and IngStart Solution LLC have reached an agreement and agree to accept all the contents of this refund agreement.

We would like to remind you to pay attention to the following terms:

1. In accordance with the 'Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China' and the 'Interim Measures for the Seven-Day Return of Goods Purchased Online without Reasons' and other relevant laws and regulations, you confirm and accept that the products provided by IngStart Solution LLC are computer software Services, if you confirm the purchase of paid packages or customized services, there is no refund once purchased.
2. You should fully understand the functions and application scenarios of IngStart Solution LLC before purchasing and paying. To this end, the official website of IngStart Solution LLC provides online consultation services.
3. After the trial, you have the right to choose IngStart Solution LLC software-related services and packages according to your own needs, and you can also choose customized services. Purchase offline, online, or other methods confirmed by both parties After IngStart Solution LLC acts as an agent and provides services, you will have the corresponding authority to enjoy IngStart Solution LLC services. IngStart Solution LLC will apply for overseas companies, secretarial services, accounting audits and other services for you according to your needs.
4. You have a duty of reasonable review and attention, and choose the IngStart Solution LLC software services and packages that suit your needs. The services provided by IngStart Solution LLC include free (permanently free), pay-per-view/or content charges, For services such as charging based on customized needs, the specific services and charging methods shall be subject to the information officially released by IngStart Solution LLC. IngStart Solution LLC may modify and change the charging standards and charging service methods according to actual needs.
5. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with any order, please contact online customer service or send an email to