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Easy registration of French companies

Registering a French company can make full use of France's international status, market advantages, brand influence, economic strength, tax incentives, business networks, political and legal environment, and talent advantages to provide strong support for the international development of enterprises.
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Advantages of registering a company in France

Tax incentives
The French government provides foreign investors with tax incentives, such as preferential tax rates, tax credits and tax refunds, which help reduce the tax burden and costs of enterprises.
Talent advantage
France has a world-class education system and has cultivated a large number of high-quality talents. These talents provide stable human resources support for enterprises and help them achieve sustainable development.
High international legal status
As an important country in Europe, France has a high international legal status. Registering a French company can enhance the brand image of enterprises and their products and increase the trust of the international market.
Cultural brand influence of origin
France's cultural brand influence of origin ranks among the top in the world, and France is the largest exporter of high-end consumer goods. Registering a French company can take advantage of this advantage to enhance the added value and competitiveness of products.
Developed economy and free trade
France is one of the most economically developed countries in the world, with strong trade and manufacturing strength. As a market economy country implementing a free trade policy, France provides a good business environment for foreign investors.
Stable political environment
France has a stable political environment and a mature legal system, which provides strong guarantees for business activities. In addition, France's business regulations are relatively complete and very friendly to investors and entrepreneurs.

Documents required for registering a French company

Registration information
Company Name: Provide the company name, usually ending with SARL (limited liability company) or SAS (simple joint stock company).
Provide the company's business scope.
Director and shareholder information (passport, proof of address);
Proof of company address: Provide proof of the company's registered address, which can be a utility bill, invoice, etc.

Related services of French companies

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Prepare accounting records
Before filing your tax return, the company needs to prepare detailed accounting records, including financial statements, transaction records, expenditure and income details, etc. These records will serve as the basis for calculating your taxes.
Calculate taxes
According to French tax law, companies need to account for various taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT), corporate income tax, social security contributions, etc. The calculation method and tax rate of these taxes may vary depending on the type of company and the nature of its business.
Fill in tax returns
Companies need to fill in the required tax return based on the corresponding forms provided by the tax department. There will be different forms for different taxes, so make sure to fill them out correctly and attach all the necessary documents and information.
Submit declaration
After filling in the tax return, the company needs to submit it to the French tax department. The declaration can be completed electronically or submitted in person at the tax department.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
9800 RMB.
Annual review:
7500 RMB
Processing cycle:Four weeks
Service Deliverables
Business License
Articles of Association
A set of seals
Publish in newspapers
EOR customs number
Address rental invoice
Land rental contract
Company registered address certificate
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