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Easy registration of Italian companies

Registering an Italian company can provide companies with advantages such as convenient access to the European market, taking advantage of tax incentives, and enhancing brand image and visibility, but it also needs to consider related administrative procedures, tax requirements, and market competition.
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Advantages of registering a company in Italy

Tax Policy
Italy's tax policy is relatively stable, and some industries and company types may provide attractive tax incentives and exemptions, which will help reduce the tax burden of companies.
Geographical location advantage
Located on the Mediterranean coast, Italy enjoys a superior geographical location and can serve as a bridge connecting the European, African and Middle Eastern markets, which is conducive to expanding the company's international business.
European market access
Italy is one of the European economies and an important member of intra-European trade. Registering an Italian company can help you benefit from the trade liberalization policies and market size within the EU.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Italy has a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem, including entrepreneurial incubators, investment funds, innovation centers, etc., which provide rich resources and support for start-ups.
Brand image and popularity
Italy enjoys a high reputation in fashion, design, food and other fields. Registering an Italian company may enhance the brand image and visibility of your products or services.
Culture and Talent Advantages
Italy has a rich cultural heritage and talent resources, especially in the fields of design, art, engineering and other fields. It has world-class professionals, which provides strong support for the development of the company.

Process of registering an Italian company

Consultation and Suggestions
We will first provide consultation to understand the relevant situation to determine your business license registration requirements, company type and name.
Application form
Prepare the documents required to register a company, usually including the company's articles of association, list of shareholders, list of directors, etc. These documents may require notarization and certification.
Waiting for approval
Once the application is submitted and the fee is paid, it is usually necessary to wait for several working days or longer for the registration agency to approve the registration application.
Receive registration certificate
Once the registration application is approved, you will receive a Cayman company registration certificate, indicating that you have successfully registered a company.

Documents required to register an Italian company

Basic information required for registration
Company name;
Registered capital (depending on whether you choose SRL or SRLS) If you are the only shareholder, you must pay 100% of the registered capital by issuing a bank draft to the company to be registered, or remit 100% of the capital to the notary. If there are more than 2 shareholders, remit 25% of the registered capital;
Power of attorney (provide the above information 1-4, the customer takes the power of attorney to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country or the Foreign Affairs Office of the relevant province, autonomous region, and municipality for certification procedures, and then go to the Italian Embassy in China for certification or Hague certification).
Minimum registered capital 100 euros;
Business scope;
Passport scan;

You will receive these information after registration is completed

Business License
Articles of Association
Company seal
Share Certificate
Meeting Minutes
Director's tax number
List of shareholders and directors

IngStart provides tax services for Italian companies

Tax filing service
For companies registered in Italy, IngStart's tax filing procedures and requirements may vary depending on the type of company, type of income, business scale and other factors. It is recommended that you seek the help of IngStart's professional tax consultants or accountants when handling the tax affairs of your Italian company.
Submit tax return
① Prepare financial records
During the tax filing period, the company needs to prepare financial records, including information on assets, liabilities, income, expenses, etc. Ensure that the accounts are accurate and complete, and are filed in the format and requirements prescribed by law.
③ Submit tax returns
Submit the completed tax return form to the local tax department. Submit the return form to the tax authority within the prescribed tax filing period, usually through an online platform or by mail.
② Fill out tax returns
Fill in the corresponding tax return form based on the company's financial data. The tax return forms in Italy include corporate income tax (IRES), value added tax (IVA), personal income tax, etc. The specific forms and requirements depend on the company's situation.
④ Pay taxes
Pay taxes to the tax department according to the amount of tax calculated in the return form in the prescribed time and manner. Payments can usually be made through bank transfers, electronic payments, etc.

Provide local company annual review

Annual review is an annual qualification review that offshore companies must undergo in accordance with local laws. Only companies that pass the annual review will be recognized by the local government.
Certification of legal qualifications
Annual review on time can enhance the company's credibility in the local government and is the basis for the company's legal existence.
Avoid overdue fines
Companies that fail to conduct annual review will be fined according to the overdue time. Annual review on time can avoid this loss.

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