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Business with peace of mind
Business with peace of mind
Our team understands the documents required by the government and ensures that all your company's operations comply with government requirements.
Spend time on your business
Spend time on your business
Governments in different regions have different filing requirements. Our team handles all the paperwork, giving you more time to do business.
Reminder on time
Reminder on time
Missing deadlines can result in fines or even loss of liability protection. Our documentation is always 100% accurate, guaranteed

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Select the company that requires annual reporting in your INGSTART account and click Submit Annual Report Service
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IngStart receives the annual report service submitted by you, updates your annual report in real time, and notifies you when the report is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an annual report?
According to the requirements of the U.S. government, U.S. companies must submit annual reports in the state where the company is registered every year to ensure that the state government understands the operations of each company, so as to ensure that the company does not produce abnormalities.
Do I need to submit an annual report?
Most states will require businesses to file annual reports and/or pay taxes to remain compliant and in good standing. Keep in mind that states have individual filing requirements. If tracking your annual reports worries you, don't Worry. We will notify you through our annual reporting service.
What if I forget to submit my annual report?
As with any requirement, forgetting to file an annual report can cause some trouble:1. Enterprises may need to pay late fees.2. The enterprise may lose its 'good standing' title. This will make it difficult for your business to operate and develop.3. You may lose liability protection.4. The business may be dissolved by the state. Avoid all these hassles with our annual reporting service. We will keep track of all the dates, let you know when your report is due, and take care of filing it for you.

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