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Easy registration of Indonesian companies

Indonesian companies have significant advantages in investment environment, natural resources, demographic dividend, economic growth, tax incentives, geographical location and market potential, and are one of the important choices for investors in Southeast Asia.
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Advantages of registering a company in Indonesia

Tax incentives
In order to attract foreign investment, the Indonesian government has introduced a series of tax incentives, such as accelerated amortization and accelerated depreciation, which will help reduce the operating costs of enterprises.
Steady economic growth
Indonesia's economic growth rate has remained at around 5% for many years, ranking among the top among major economies in the world, showing strong economic growth potential.
Investment Opportunities
Indonesia is a developing country with a large number of investment opportunities in infrastructure construction, industrialization, urbanization, etc. Companies registered in Indonesia can participate in these projects.
Superior location
Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a superior geographical location and is convenient for exporting to international markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.
Big demographic dividend
As the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia has a huge young labor force, which provides a strong demographic dividend for economic development.
Investment environment friendly
Indonesia's political and business environment is generally stable, and its legal system is relatively sound, providing investors with a good investment environment.

Documents required to register an Indonesian company

Registration information
You may also need to apply for a work permit from the labor department, apply for social insurance and provident funds for employees, and complete other necessary registration procedures.
Company name PT. + word + word + word (a word cannot be less than three letters, must be three words);
Registered capital: The registered capital is 2.5 billion rupiah, which needs to be paid in full (if not produced or traded locally, it does not need to be paid in full, only 20 US dollars can be paid on behalf of the company);
Directors, supervisors shareholding ratio and position allocation;
Scanned passport or ID card of natural persons, directors and supervisors.

Services related to Indonesian companies

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Tax Registration
First, the company needs to register for tax with the Indonesian tax department and obtain a tax identification number (NPWP). This is the basis for subsequent tax declaration.
Preparing tax declaration materials
Before declaring taxes, the company needs to collect and organize relevant tax declaration materials, including income, expenditure, invoice tax vouchers, etc. These data will be used to calculate the taxes payable.
Fill out the tax return form and submit it
Use the designated tax return form and fill in the relevant information according to the requirements of the tax department, including the company's basic information, income, expenditure, tax payable, etc. Submit the completed tax return form and related information to the Indonesian tax department.
Pay taxes
According to the tax payable calculated by the tax return form, the company needs to pay the corresponding taxes on time. You can pay through the designated tax payment bank and keep the tax payment receipt.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
25000 RMB
Provide registration address:
18000 RMB (Jakarta)
Processing cycle:4 months.
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Commercial authorization document
Official seal
Secretary Authorization Document
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