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Easy registration of a Danish company

Companies registered in Denmark can enjoy a stable business environment, convenient business registration procedures, preferential tax policies, a high level of digitalization, a rich talent pool, innovation and technological support, convenient trade and logistics, as well as environmental awareness and sustainable development.
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Advantages of registering a company in Denmark

Tax incentives
Denmark has a relatively favorable tax policy, a relatively low corporate income tax rate, and provides tax incentives for investment in R&D, innovation and other aspects.
Stable business environment
Denmark has a stable and transparent business environment, good government governance, and a sound legal system, providing companies with a good operating environment and legal protection.
Innovation and technology support
Denmark has a good innovation environment and technological support system. The government encourages companies to conduct R&D and innovation and provides various forms of support and funding.
Convenient trade and logistics
Denmark is located in the Nordic region, with a superior geographical location, convenient for trade with Europe and other parts of the world, and has a complete logistics and transportation network.
High level of digitalization
Denmark is a leader in digitalization, with advanced digital infrastructure and high-level digital services, which are conducive to the operation and development of enterprises.
Government support and legal protection
The Danish government provides good support and protection for foreign investors and enterprises, and encourages foreign investment and enterprises to set up businesses in Denmark through laws and policies.

Documents required to register a Danish company

Registration information
Depending on the specific circumstances, it may be necessary to provide other documents such as identity certificates, passport copies, residence certificates, bank information, etc. of shareholders and directors.
Registered address (can be provided by us);
At least 1 shareholder's ID card copy or passport copy (at least one shareholder);
Sign the "Personal Power of Attorney" and stamp with fingerprints;
Sign the "Company Power of Attorney" and stamp the legal person's seal;
Provide the "Certificate of No Criminal Record", stamp the fingerprint, and go to the public security bureau of the place of residence to stamp: (We provide a sample);
Shareholder information is notarized at the place of residence, and the Danish Embassy in China stamps it;
Proof of the bank's receipt of registered capital (capital 17,000 euros).

Services related to Danish companies

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Understand tax regulations
First, the company needs to understand the tax obligations in Denmark, including income tax, value-added tax, employer tax and other regulations.
Fill in and submit tax returns
Fill in and submit the income tax return and the corresponding taxes within the prescribed time. These forms can usually be submitted online or via paper forms.
Pay taxes
Within the tax filing period, the company needs to pay the taxes payable, which can be paid by bank transfer, electronic payment or cash payment.
Assist in tax audits
If necessary, the company may be selected by the tax department for audit. In this case, the company needs to cooperate and provide the required financial records and information.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
15w RMB
Annual review:
14.8w RMB
Processing cycle:1-2 months
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Company Shareholders Meeting Minute Book
Legal person seal, steel stamp
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