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Easy registration of German companies

The advantages of German companies include technical strength, quality awareness, innovation ability, employee participation and geographical location, which make German companies competitive and influential in the international market.
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Advantages of registering a company in Germany

European market access
As one of the largest economies in Europe, companies registered in Germany can more easily enter the European market and trade and cooperate with other EU member states.
International Reputation
Germany enjoys a good reputation in the international business community. Companies registered in Germany are generally more trusted and respected, which helps to expand business and establish long-term cooperative relationships.
Tax incentives and subsidies
The German government provides various forms of tax incentives and subsidies to encourage corporate innovation and development. Companies registered in Germany can enjoy the benefits of these policies.
Technology and Innovation Advantages
Germany is well-known for its outstanding technology and innovation capabilities in engineering, manufacturing and science and technology. Companies registered in Germany can benefit from the technology and innovation advantages in these fields.
High level of talent and education
Germany has a high-quality education system and high-level talents. Companies registered in Germany can more easily recruit high-quality employees and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Legal and business environment is stable
Germany has a sound legal and business environment, and the government has a high degree of protection and support for enterprises, which provides a good foundation for the steady development of companies.

Documents required for registering a German company

Registration information
Our company provides domestic video authentication to open a German local account shareholder information, legal representative information and passport scans, company name, business scope, and registration location. German companies need to verify capital, and the shareholder information provided needs to be authenticated (need to be handled together with the address, tax number application, and secretary).
Company name 1-3 (English or German);
Color scans of ID cards and passports of shareholders and directors, which need to be notarized and authenticated by the consulate;
Shareholder and director shareholding ratio distribution;
Registered capital is at least 25,000 euros, and at least half of it needs to be paid in actual payment;
Business scope and nature of the company;
Fill in the application form.

German company related services

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Understanding tax obligations
You need to understand the obligations and requirements of corporate taxation in German tax law. This includes applicable taxes, tax deadlines, tax rates, etc.
Confirm tax category
According to the type of company and business activities, confirm the applicable tax category. Common tax categories include value-added tax, income tax, commercial tax, etc.
Preparing tax returns
Prepare and fill out the corresponding tax application form according to the tax category and tax period. This may include monthly, quarterly or annual tax application forms, depending on the size and type of business of your company.
Pay tax
Pay taxes to the German tax authorities on time according to the tax amount calculated in the declaration form. Make sure you pay taxes on time to avoid penalties and interest.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
65,000 RMB.
Provide registration address:
45,000 RMB.
Processing cycle:40 working days.
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Company Shareholders Meeting Minute Book
Board of Directors, Finance, Corporate Seal
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