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Registering a company in Japan allows you to more easily enter the Japanese market, which is one of the third largest economies in the world, with a huge consumer market and a highly developed business environment.
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Advantages of registering a company in Japan

Stable business environment
Japan is a politically stable and legally sound country with a reliable business environment and good legal protection, which provides a stable operating environment for companies.
Culture and values
Japanese companies generally focus on teamwork, quality and innovation. Companies registered in Japan can benefit from this culture and values, promoting the development and growth of enterprises.
Technology and Innovation Advantages
Japan is famous for its advanced technology and innovation capabilities. Companies registered in Japan can benefit from Japan's advanced R&D and manufacturing technologies and have the opportunity to cooperate with the world's leading technology companies and research institutions.
Global market access
Japan is the world's third largest economy, with a huge consumer market and developed trade network. Companies registered in Japan can more easily enter the Japanese market and expand to Asia and other parts of the world through Japan's trade channels.
Quality talents
Japan has a high-quality workforce and professional talents. Companies registered in Japan can more easily attract local and international talents, providing strong support for the development of enterprises.
Government support
The Japanese government provides various support and preferential policies to encourage foreign investment and enterprise development, including tax incentives, financial support and administrative convenience, which provides better development conditions for companies registered in Japan.

Documents required for registering a Japanese company

Registration information
Niue's company law allows for a variety of different company structures, including limited liability companies (LLCs), international business companies (IBCs), etc.
One personal seal of the customer and two copies of the seal notarization certificate. The notarization certificate is generally notarized at the notary office where the customer is located;
Fill in a copy of the "Confirmation Form for the Registration Contents of Japanese Companies". Determine the name and business scope of the company (registered Japanese company name, Chinese, Japanese, English Both are OK, but you must add "株式会社" before or after it. You cannot use well-known brands or names that have been applied for trademark registration;
One PDF version of the customer's ID card and electronic passport. (Note that it is within the validity period);
In the case of a company investing as a shareholder, the required documents are: 1. The notarization of the shareholder's company and the notarization of the official seal, in duplicate; 2. The notarization of the customer's seal, in duplicate (legal representative); 3. Electronic files of the ID card and passport; 4. Shareholder register; 5. Shareholders who hold more than 25% of the company's shares need to provide the front and back of their ID cards.

Services related to Japanese companies

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Confirm tax type
Determine the applicable tax types and tax rates based on your company type and the nature of your business. Common taxes include income tax, consumption tax, corporate tax, etc. Make sure you understand the various tax regulations that apply to your company.
Fill out the tax return form and submit it
You need to prepare financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. These statements will serve as the basis for tax returns and are used to calculate the amount of tax payable.
Pay taxes
You need to pay the amount of tax payable during the tax return period. You can choose to transfer the tax to the tax bureau by bank transfer or other payment methods. HST number, and report and pay the corresponding taxes to the Niue tax agency.
Annual report submission
According to regulations, you may need to submit annual financial reports and tax returns after the end of each fiscal year. These reports will detail your company's financial status and tax status during the fiscal year.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
40000 RMB.
Annual review:
5500-6500 RMB.
Processing cycle:20-30 working days.
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Shareholders and directors' register
Company seal certificate
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