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Estonian companies have become one of the choices for many entrepreneurs and investors due to their advantages such as digital governance, low tax rates, digital identities, innovative environment and EU membership.
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Advantages of registering a company in Estonia

Tax advantages
Estonian companies have become one of the choices for many entrepreneurs and investors due to their advantages such as digital governance, low tax rates, digital identities, innovative environment and EU membership.
Simplified registration process
The company registration process in Estonia is completely electronic, which simplifies the registration process.
Digital ID card
Estonia provides a digital identity card (E-Residency), which allows foreigners to register companies in Estonia and conduct electronic business, enjoying the convenience of its digital governance system.
Low political risk
Australia has a stable political system, and the government generally supports corporate activities and is committed to providing a good business environment. This reduces political risks and provides a more reliable operating environment for companies.
Innovation and technology environment
Estonia has an active innovation and technology ecosystem. The government's support and investment in the technology industry provide companies registered in Estonia with abundant resources and opportunities.
Stable business environment
Australia enjoys a stable political and economic environment, as well as a sound legal and regulatory system. This provides a good foundation for registering and operating companies and helps companies grow steadily.

Process of registering an Estonian company

Consultation and Suggestions
We will first provide consultation to understand the relevant situation to determine your business license registration requirements, company type and name.
Application form
Prepare the documents required to register a company, usually including the company's articles of association, list of shareholders, list of directors, etc. These documents may require notarization and certification.
Waiting for approval
Once the application is submitted and the fee is paid, it is usually necessary to wait for several working days or longer for the registration agency to approve the registration application.
Receive registration certificate
Once the registration application is approved, you will receive a Cayman company registration certificate, indicating that you have successfully registered a company.

Documents required to register an Estonian company

Basic information required for registration
Company name - to check whether it has been occupied;
Scan copy of shareholder's passport;
Gas, water and electricity bill - used to prove address (the original is sufficient);
The IngStart team will write a bilingual POA (letter of authorization) in English and Estonian for the customer. The customer needs to have this POA (letter of authorization) certified by Apostille. IngStart can guide the customer in apostille certification and can provide Apostille certification service (extra fee).

You will receive these information after registration is completed

Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
stock capital
Meeting Minutes
Official seal
Shareholder List

IngStart provides Estonian company tax filing services

Tax filing service
IngStart For companies registered in Estonia, the procedures and requirements for tax filing may vary depending on the type of company, type of income, business size and other factors. It is recommended that you seek the help of IngStart's professional tax advisors or accountants when dealing with the tax affairs of your Estonian company.
Submit tax return
① Understand tax obligations
First, you need to understand Lithuania's tax regulations, including applicable tax rates, tax filing cycles, and types of taxes to be reported and paid. You may need to register with the Lithuanian tax authorities and obtain a taxpayer identification number.
③ Pay taxes
Calculate the amount of tax payable based on the submitted tax return. Transfer the tax payable to the bank account designated by the Estonian Tax Administration within the prescribed period.
② Tax filing and financial statements
According to Lithuanian tax regulations, companies may need to prepare and submit various tax returns, annual financial reports, such as value-added tax (VAT) returns, income tax returns, etc. These returns are usually required to be submitted within the prescribed deadlines.
④ Keep updated
As Estonian tax laws and tax requirements change, ensure that your company's finance team or tax advisor stays up to date with the relevant regulations and adjusts financial records and tax filing procedures in a timely manner.

Provide local company annual review

Annual review is an annual qualification review that offshore companies must undergo in accordance with local laws. Only companies that pass the annual review will be recognized by the local government.
Certification of legal qualifications
Annual review on time can enhance the company's credibility in the local government and is the basis for the company's legal existence.
Avoid overdue fines
Companies that fail to conduct annual review will be fined according to the overdue time. Annual review on time can avoid this loss.

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Perfect service system
Select the company that needs to submit an annual report in your IngStart account and click Submit Annual Report Service.
Professional operation team
IngStart receives the annual report service you submitted, updates your annual report in real time, and notifies you when the report is completed.