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Easy to register an Indian company

Overseas registered Indian companies have many advantages, such as tax incentives, international trade advantages, low labor costs, English-speaking human resources, huge market potential, convenient registration process, and Amazon India station entry. These advantages will help companies achieve rapid development in the Indian market.
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Advantages of registering a company in India

Tax incentives
In order to attract foreign investment, the Indian government has provided a series of tax incentives. Registering an Indian company can enjoy these policies, reduce corporate tax burdens, and improve profitability.
Abundant Labor Resources
India has abundant labor resources, and relatively low labor costs make production and service provision in India more competitive. This helps companies reduce production costs and improve profitability.
Sustainable Development Opportunities
India has invested a lot of resources in sustainable development, encouraging the development of clean energy, renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies. Registering an Indian company enables enterprises to participate in business opportunities in these areas.
Geographical location advantage
Located in Southeast Asia, India is a strategic gateway connecting East Asia and West Asia. Its geographical location makes it easier to trade with neighboring countries and global markets.
Huge market potential
India is a country with a large population and huge market potential. As India's economy continues to develop, the size of the consumer market is also expanding. Enterprises that register companies in India can take full advantage of this market potential and achieve business growth.
Legal and Regulatory Support
The Indian government has formulated comprehensive business laws and regulations, which provide strong protection for enterprises to invest in India. Registering an Indian company can better comply with local regulations and reduce legal risks.

Documents required to register an Indian company

Registration information
Application conditions: more than one company director and shareholder (natural person or legal person without nationality restrictions), valid identity document (ID card or passport); proof of address (such as: address on shareholder ID card, water and electricity bill, telephone bill).
Provide the English name of the company, ending with Private Limited;
ID cards, passports, electronic copies of photos (passport size), and address proofs in the last three months (utility bills or credit card bills) of two shareholders and directors. The ID cards, passports, and address proofs must be authenticated by the Indian Embassy (notarization + double authentication in China); if the shareholder is a company, it is necessary to provide the company's business license, English articles of association, and address proof (authentication by the Indian Embassy);
Shareholders' shareholding ratio distribution: Indian companies need at least 2 directors + 2 shareholders (can be directors and shareholders at the same time, one of the directors must be an Indian director, if not available, our company can provide);
Registered capital is at least 100,000 rupees (about 10,000 RMB), foreign companies need to actually receive the money;
Indian registered address (if not available, the fee will be charged separately); if you provide the address yourself, you need to provide the following address proof: rental agreement or house ownership certificate, water bill/electricity bill for the past 3 months, and the owner of the house issued a no objection statement to any director;
Company business scope (financial companies need a license to operate, and the registration fee is different);
Registration information form (provided by our company).

Indian company-related services

Tax filing service
Specific details may vary depending on the type, size and region of the company
Determine Tax Types and Rates
Determine the types of taxes and tax rates to be paid based on the company's business type and scope of business. There are many types of taxes in India, such as corporate income tax, personal income tax, goods and services tax (GST), etc.
Fill in and Submit Tax Return Forms
Fill in the corresponding tax return forms according to tax laws and regulations. These forms may include income declaration form, tax deduction form, tax credit form, etc. Submit the completed tax return form to the Indian tax authorities.
Pay taxes
Pay the tax to the treasury through the designated tax bank based on the tax payable calculated in the tax return form.
Retain Tax Documents
Retain all tax-related documents and records for future reference and audit.
Registration related fees
Company registration fee:
41500 RMB.
Annual review:
31500 RMB
Processing cycle:40 working days.
Service Deliverables
Company Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
Director Certification Code DIN
Electronic Signature DSC
Permanent Tax Account PAN
Tax Withholding Account Number TAN
Goods and Services Tax Number GST
Import and Export Code IEC
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