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Easy registration of Korean companies

Registering a Korean company can enjoy many advantages in terms of taxation, business environment, geographical location, brand image, and IT and technological strength.
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Advantages of registering a company in Korea

Technical Strength and Innovation
Korean companies are known for their outstanding technical strength and innovation capabilities. Especially in the fields of automobiles, electronics, semiconductors, display panels, etc., they have world-leading technologies to meet market demand.
Influence and international recognition
Korean companies have a series of world-renowned brands that are deeply loved by consumers for their high quality, unique design and reliability. It helps Korean companies expand their overseas business.
Efficient production and management
Korean companies focus on production efficiency and supply chain management, and optimize production processes by introducing advanced production equipment and technology to achieve efficient and low-cost production.
Market sensitivity and adaptability
Korean companies are highly sensitive to market changes and have the ability to adapt quickly. They are able to quickly capture market trends and consumer needs and flexibly adjust product strategies and market strategies.
Government Support and Policy Preferences
The Korean government has provided a series of supporting policies and preferential measures to attract foreign investment and promote corporate development. These policies include tax incentives, financial support, project cooperation, etc.
Cultural Soft Power
Korean culture has a wide range of influence around the world, including music, movies, TV dramas, etc. This cultural soft power helps Korean companies expand overseas markets and attract more consumers.

Process of registering a Korean company

Consultation and Suggestions
We will first provide consultation to understand the relevant situation to determine your business license registration requirements, company type and name.
Application form
Prepare the documents required to register a company, usually including the company's articles of association, list of shareholders, list of directors, etc. These documents may require notarization and certification.
Waiting for approval
Once the application is submitted and the fee is paid, it is usually necessary to wait for several working days or longer for the registration agency to approve the registration application.
Receive registration certificate
Once the registration application is approved, you will receive a Cayman company registration certificate, indicating that you have successfully registered a company.

Documents required for registering a Korean company

Basic information required for registration
Company name in Korean (our company can translate it), ending with KK (minimum 2 persons registered, directors hold 100% of the shares, supervisors do not hold shares, and the legal representative and supervisors are replaced every 3 years), or limited company (one person can register);
Color scans of the ID card and passport of the supervisor, and a resume;
The ID card and passport of the supervisor need to be notarized and certified, and the notarization and certification must be done at the place of residence (if the directors and supervisors can go to Korea in person, it is not necessary);
The registered capital needs to be actually in place, with a minimum of 100 million won, about RMB 600,000;
Provide a company plan;
Registered address in Korea (if it cannot be provided, please refer to the subsequent quotation).

You will receive these information after registration is completed

Business License
Articles of Association
Seal certificate, company card
shareholder register
Official seal of legal person
Transcript of legal person registration book

IngStart provides tax filing services for Korean companies

Tax filing service
For companies registered in Korea, IngStart's tax filing procedures and requirements may vary depending on the type of company, type of income, business scale and other factors. It is recommended that you seek the help of IngStart's professional tax consultants or accountants when dealing with the tax affairs of your Korean company.
Submit tax return
① Understand tax responsibilities and tax types
Korean companies need to clarify their tax responsibilities and understand the types of taxes that apply to them. Common taxes include corporate income tax, value-added tax, and additional taxes. Corporate income tax is a tax on corporate profits, while value-added tax is a tax on the added value of the sales of goods and services.
③ Choose a filing method
Korean companies can choose to file online or in paper form. Online filing is more convenient. You can log in to the official website of the tax bureau, fill in the relevant information according to the instructions and submit the declaration. If you choose to file in paper form, you need to submit the completed declaration form and related materials to the tax bureau.
② Prepare filing materials
The company needs to prepare relevant financial statements, tax declaration forms and other necessary documents. These documents should record the company's income, expenses, profits and other information in detail so that the taxes payable can be accurately calculated.
④ Declare and pay on time
The company needs to file and pay taxes on time according to the deadlines set by the tax bureau. If you fail to file or pay taxes on time, you may face fines or other legal consequences.

Provide local company annual review

Annual review is an annual qualification review that offshore companies must undergo in accordance with local laws. Only companies that pass the annual review will be recognized by the local government.
Certification of legal qualifications
Annual review on time can enhance the company's credibility in the local government and is the basis for the company's legal existence.
Avoid overdue fines
Companies that fail to conduct annual review will be fined according to the overdue time. Annual review on time can avoid this loss.

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